Case Study: Diagnosis of Aeromonas hydrophila Infection Carassiue gibelo Fish in Shatt Al-Arab River, South of Iraq  

Majid Abdul Aziz Bannai
Aquaculture and marine fisheries, marine science center, Basrah University, Iraq
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International Journal of Aquaculture, 2013, Vol. 3, No. 20   doi: 10.5376/ija.2013.03.0020
Received: 14 Jun., 2013    Accepted: 24 Jun., 2013    Published: 09 Jul., 2013
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Bannai, 2013, Case Study: Diagnosis of “Aeromonas hydrophila” Infection Carassiuegibelo Fish in Shatt Al-Arab River, South of Iraq, International Journal of Aquaculture, Vol.3, No.20 115-116 (doi: 10.5376/ija.2013. 03.0020)


In this case study of diagnosis Aeromonas hydrophila infected wild fish carp, Carassiuegibelo from Shut Al-Arab River south of Iraq, Revealed that the incidence of Aeromonas hydrophila and cause blood poisoning Aeromonas (MAS). The total number of fish show clinical abnormalities Aeromonas hydrophila was isolated and identified are 20 fish. Samples were collected during the summer season by using net electric fish.

Diagnosis; Aeromonas hydrophila; Shatt Al-Arab River; Carassiue gibelo
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International Journal of Aquaculture
• Volume 3
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