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Identification and Detection Analysis of SSR Purities of Three Tender Pumpkin Cultivars  

Qian Li , Duanhua Wang , Jianguo Yang
Hunan Vegetable Research Institute, The Vegetable Engineering Technology Research Center of Hunan Province, Changsha, 410125, China
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Molecular Plant Breeding, 2018, Vol. 9, No. 9   doi: 10.5376/mpb.2018.09.0009
Received: 01 Jan., 1970    Accepted: 01 Jan., 1970    Published: 30 Oct., 2018
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Li Q., Wang D.H., and Yang J.G., 2018, Identification and detection analysis of SSR purities of three tender pumpkin cultivars, Molecular Plant Breeding, 9(9): 68-72 (doi: 10.5376/mpb.2018.09.0009)


Simple sequence repeat (SSR) molecular markers and traditional field identification were used to identify the purity of three widely popularized hybrid cultivars of tender pumpkin, named Nenzao 2, Nenzao Jiamei and Nenzao Heiniu. It turned out that primer NG05, NG74 and NG88 all amplified specific bands different from either of the Nenzao 2 parents, primer NG05, NG26, NG74, NG80 and NG04 all amplified specific bands different from either of the Nenzao Jiamei parents, and primer NG05 amplified specific bands different from either of the Nenzao Heiniu parents. Based on the results of primers screening, primer NG05 was used to identify the two cultivars, Nenzao 2 and Nenzao Heiniu, and primer NG26 was used to identify the purity of Nenzao Jiamei. The seed purity of Nenzao 2, Nenzao Jiamei and Nenzao Heiniu detected by SSR markers were 95.7%, 99.4% and 96.6%, respectively, which indicated no significant differences with the results morphological identification in field as 96.5%, 99.4% and 97.0%. It showed that SSR marker was a simple, efficient and accurate method in tender pumpkin seeds purity identification.

Tender pumpkin; SSR; Field morphological identification; Identification of seed purity
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Molecular Plant Breeding
• Volume 9
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