Cross-correlation based Underwater Node Estimation Technique and a Concise Summary of Different Effects on It  

Md Masum Akanda
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International Journal of Marine Science, 2019, Vol. 9, No.   
Received: 01 Jan., 1970    Accepted: 01 Jan., 1970    Published: 31 Mar., 2020
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To overcome the common problem, i.e., protocol complexity, of conventional underwater node estimation techniques, a statistical signal processing technique was proposed as an alternative. The technique uses cross-correlation as signal processing tool and hence it is called cross-correlation based underwater node estimation technique. This technique can overcome the protocol complexities, human interaction, over cost, etc., of conventional techniques. However, to introduce the readers with different technical aspects regarding this technique, the paper is introduced. We have used mean, and standard deviation as our estimation parameter to estimate nodes. At the same time, we have illustrated a brief discussion on effect of signal length, underwater bandwidth, etc., simultaneously in this paper. This writing can boost the researches in this field.

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International Journal of Marine Science
• Volume 9
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