Seasonal Variations of Sediment and Water Quality Correlated to Land-Based Pollution Sources in the Middle of the Black Sea Coast, Turkey  

Levent Bat1 , Oylum Gökkurt Baki2
1. Sinop University, Fisheries Faculty, Department of Hydrobiology TR57000 Sinop, Turkey
2. Sinop University, Vocational School of Environmental Health Program TR57000 Sinop, Turkey
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International Journal of Marine Science, 2014, Vol. 4, No. 12   doi: 10.5376/ijms.2014.04.0012
Received: 24 Nov., 2013    Accepted: 29 Dec., 2013    Published: 05 Feb., 2014
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Bat and Baki, 2014, Seasonal Variations of Sediment and Water Quality Correlated to Land-Based Pollution Sources in the Middle of the Black Sea Coast, Turkey, International Journal of Marine Science, Vol.4, No.12: 108-118 (doi: 10.5376/ijms.2014.04.0012)

The environmental pollution parameters were analyzed at the surface sediment and water samples collected from the untreated discharge basin of Sinop coasts of the Black Sea. On the sediment samples, redox potential, water content, organic matter content and porosity percentages and pH analyses and on the water samples, DO, salinity, BOD5, TSS, T (), pH, conductivity, NO2-N, NO3-N, silicate and organic matter analyses were measured. Water content (%) and porosity (%) of the surface sediment were found in the ranges of 62.9 to 0.1 and 58.9 % to 0.76, respectively. As the pH values of the sediment samples varied in the ranges of 7.23 to 9.4, its organic matter content varied in the ranges of 2.6 to 0.11 %. Results indicated that, there was a domestic pollution at the sediment layer of some sampling stations and water according to some physico-chemical parameters at class 2-slightly/moderately polluted water, or very polluted class 4 water class. According to the Environment Law-Water Pollution Control Legislation, Land-Based Water Quality Classification, generally, it has polluted water and the origin of this pollution is mainly domestic. The pollution loads of the water body also appeared at where were discharged untreated water, sediment layer and water content, especially with its high organic matter content.
Surface sediment; Wastewater; Land-based pollution; Sinop Coasts; Black Sea
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International Journal of Marine Science
• Volume 4
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